SF6 And Oil Chemical Tester

HDYS3000 Oil Trace Moisture Analyzer

HDYS3000 Oil Trace Moisture Analyzer

Scope of application

It is suitable for the accurate determination of trace moisture in liquids, solids, and gases in electric power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries

Performance characteristics

(1) The high-precision measuring electrode signal generation and detection circuit makes the judgment of the electrolysis end point fast and accurate, and has a strong anti-interference ability;

(2) Use two methods of electrolyte blank current compensation and balance point drift compensation to correct the measurement results;

(3) Three calculation formulas for users to choose, automatic calculation of water content; 10-speed stirring speed adjustment, 10-speed electrolysis gain adjustment;

(4) It has automatic detection function of measuring electrode open circuit fault and short circuit fault;

(5) Automatic storage of historical records with time stamps, up to 255.

Technical index

Electrolyzed water volume and accuracy

10ug1000ug     ±2ug

Maximum electrolysis speed


>1000ug          0.2%



Measuring range


Maximum electrolysis speed

Temperature: 10~35℃; relative humidity <85% without condensation



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