SF6 And Oil Chemical Tester

HD361 oil acid value tester

HD361 oil acid value tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for the determination of the acid value of the insulating oil of power equipment

Performance characteristics

(1) The extraction method can accurately and effectively determine the oleic acid value, reduce the operator's contact with samples and reagents, and maximize personal safety

(2) It can automatically search for samples, extract extraction solution and blank value titration, measurement, automatic cleaning and shutdown, display printing results, etc.

(3) Equipped with standard acids and calibration procedures for calibration of the instrument, the instrument and the neutralization solution can be calibrated at any time, which overcomes the defect that the concentration of the neutralization solution changes during use; at the same time, the instrument automatically deducts the background value of the extract solution during the measurement. It overcomes the influence of changes in the background value of the extract on the results.

Technical index

Test Range

0.0021mg KOH/g

Measurement error

≤±0.005mg KOH/g


0.005mg KOH/g

Use environment

1045℃,Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Power supply


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