High Voltage Switch Tester

HDKC700A Circuit Breaker Dynamic Characteristics Tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for testing various domestic (imported) vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride, oil high-voltage circuit breakers, load switches, GIS grounding switch switches, contactors, relays, air switches, etc. Various data and waveforms such as closing and opening time, synchronization, bounce time, number of times, automatic reclosing, stroke, speed, current, and operating voltage.

Performance characteristics

(1) 1 channel displacement signal acquisition, suitable for durable precision resistance linear displacement and angular displacement sensors. It can also be adapted to the traditional sliding wire resistance sensor provided by the user;

(2) 10kHz high-speed sampling, time resolution 0.1ms, test duration up to 9.9s;

(3) Built-in isolated digital adjustable DC power supply, with short-circuit protection function, voltage can be set, command various opening, closing and reclosing operations and action voltage test;

(4) It can respond to changes in voltage, current, sensor, and fracture with multiple synchronous triggering methods;

(5) Provide two modes of commonly used switch speed definition library and editable speed definition library for users to choose;

(6) On-off and coil current of 12 ordinary metal contacts; stroke and time waveform;

(7) High-speed thermal printer with clear printing of data sheets and waveform diagrams;

(8) RS232 or USB communication can be used, and PC management software realizes that data and waveform graphs can be uploaded and tested;

(9) Large-capacity SD card and U disk can quickly store and open the record, meeting 100 test data and waveform records.

Technical index

Test channel

Time fracture: metal contact 12 way 25V, current limit 50mA

Displacement sensor: 1 way

Time test

Range: 0~9.9s, error: ±0.l% of reading ±2 words


Stroke test

Range: 0~1000mm, accuracy: ±1% of reading ±1 word


Speed characteristics

Range: 0.01~20.00m/s, accuracy: ±1% of reading ±1 word


Graphic display

0.1ms value per channel

DC power supply

Adjustment range: 15~260V, maximum instantaneous current: 20A

Accuracy: ±1%,

Load rate of change: ≤1%

Synchronous trigger

Voltage: 15~260V, current: 0.1-20A

Sensor: displacement change, fracture: signal jump

Use environment

Environment temperature: -10~40℃

Relative humidity

Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Power supply

220V±10%   50Hz±10%

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