SF6 And Oil Chemical Tester

HS2000 oil dielectric loss tester

HS2000 oil dielectric loss tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for the measurement of dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity of liquid insulating media such as insulating oil

Performance characteristics

(1) The distance between the poles of the oil cup is 2mm, which can eliminate the influence of stray capacitance and leakage on the dielectric loss test results;

(2) Adopt intermediate frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. It has the advantages of non-contact between the oil cup and the heating body, uniform heating, and fast speed, so that the temperature is strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range;

(3) The internal standard capacitor is an SF6 gas-filled three-electrode capacitor. The dielectric loss and capacitance of the capacitor are not affected by ambient temperature, humidity, etc., so that the accuracy of the instrument can still be guaranteed after long-term use;

(4) The AC test power supply adopts the AC-DC-AC conversion method, which effectively avoids the influence of mains voltage and frequency fluctuations on the accuracy of the dielectric loss test. Even if the generator generates power, it can operate correctly;

(5) With over-voltage, over-current, high-voltage short-circuit protection; temperature sensor failure warning reminder; there is a temperature-limiting relay in the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, when the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the relay is released and the heating stops;

(6) With real-time clock, test date and time can be saved, displayed, and printed;

(7) Empty electrode cup calibration function. Measure the capacitance and dielectric loss factor of the empty electrode cup to judge the cleaning and assembly status of the empty electrode cup. The calibration data is automatically saved to facilitate accurate calculation of relative permittivity and DC resistivity.

Technical index

Measuring range

capacitance 5pF200pF


capacitance 0.01pF

Relative permittivity 1.00030.000

Relative permittivity 0.001

Dielectric loss factor 0.00001100

Dielectric loss factor 0.00001

DC resistivity

2.5 MΩm20 TΩm

Temperature range


measurement accuracy

capacitance  ±(1%reading+0.5pF)

Temperature measurement error


Relative permittivity ±1% of reading

AC test voltage

500~2200V continuously adjustable, frequency 50Hz

Dielectric loss factor ±(1% reading+0.0001)

DC test voltage

0500V     Continuously adjustable

DC resistivity ±10% of reading

Power supply

AC 220V±10%  50Hz

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