High Voltage Switch Tester

HDKC800 Circuit Breaker Dynamic Characteristic Tester

Scope of application

Can test various domestic (imported) vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride, oil high voltage circuit breakers, load switches, GIS connections Ground knife switch, contactor, relay, air switch, etc.

Performance characteristics

(1) Test circuit breaker time, synchronization, bounce time (number of times) stroke, speed, operating voltage, current, operating voltage, mechanical operation and other data and waveforms.

(2) It can withstand 15KV induction voltage on site, and is equipped with 12 independent metal contact time channel test functions as standard;

(3) Fracture analog voltage signal acquisition, optional 6-way closing resistance test; extended channel optional 10A graphite contact tester, can test Siemens (such as 3AQ1EE, 3AQEG, 3ATEE) graphite contact switch, lower computer can test 3-way graphite contact switch, 6-way upper computer can test 3-way graphite contact switch;

(4) 1 channel displacement signal acquisition, suitable for durable precision resistance linear displacement and angular displacement sensors. It can also be adapted to the traditional sliding wire resistance sensor provided by the user;

(5) Built-in isolated digital adjustable DC power supply, with short-circuit protection function, can be adjusted according to the rated voltage ratio, ordering various opening, closing and reclosing operations, manual and automatic mode operating voltage test and mechanical life test;

(6) Multiple synchronous trigger modes can be set to respond to changes in voltage, current, sensor, and fracture. Meet the test requirements in different states;

(7) The lower computer selects 5.7" black and white large-screen touch screen, the upper computer 8" color LCD screen or CRT display, Chinese-characterized menu, which can complete the operation of saving, calling, creating, deleting, setting, testing, and analyzing relevant parameters;

(8) The lower computer has a built-in keyboard for inputting commonly used letters, numbers and symbols. Can update and name the switch model, speed definition and file name at any time;

(9) Universal speed definition template, which can set, edit, modify, delete and save various switch models and speed definitions to form a user's own switch definition library;

(10) 12 ordinary metal contacts on and off, 6 on-resistance contacts, 3 (6) graphite contacts, coil voltage, current; stroke, speed, time waveform;

(11) The lower computer has a built-in 110mm wide high-speed thermal printer, and the upper computer has a built-in 58mm high-speed thermal printer. The data sheet is printed and the waveform record is clear;

(12) It can be equipped with PC operating software, which can directly use the computer to control the test and collect more data. And complete more diversified analysis calculations on the PC.

Technical index

DC power supply

Adjustment range: 30~250V

Accuracy: ± (1% reading + 1 word)

Load rate of change: ≤1%

Rated current: 20A; Maximum instantaneous current: 20A

Test channel

Metal contacts 12 channels 25V, current limit 100mA (standard); resistance contacts 6 channels 25V, current limit 100mA (optional)

Graphite contact (optional extended fracture): 3 channels of lower computer, 6 channels of upper computer (optional), displacement sensor: 1 channel

Time test

0.1ms~3000ms (upper computer PC data management software can be extended to 12s), closing time: 0-999.9ms

Accuracy: ± (0.1% reading + 2 words)


Closing resistance

Range: 10~10KΩ

Accuracy: ±5% of reading + 1 word (from 50Ω~5KΩ)


Stroke test

Range: 0~1000mm

Accuracy: ± (1% reading + 1 word)


Speed characteristics

Range: 0.01~20.00m/s, accuracy: ±(1% reading + 1 word), resolution: 0.01m/s

Voltage characteristics

Range: 12-250V, accuracy: ± (1% reading + 1 word), resolution: 1V

Current characteristics

Range: 0.1A~20A, accuracy: ±(2% reading + 1 word), resolution: 0.01A

Graphic display

0.1ms value per channel

Synchronous trigger

Voltage: 12-250V, current: 0.1-10A (20A)

Sensor: displacement change, fracture: signal jump

Use environment

Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Power supply


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