Generator Tester

HDJZ generator rotor AC impedance tester

Performance characteristics:

Automatic (manual) acquisition, measurement, display, storage and printing of all measurement parameters and AC impedance characteristic curves;

Real-time display of measurement data and AC impedance characteristic curve, convenient for storage and printing;

Also do the no-load and short-circuit tests of single-phase transformers and the volt-ampere characteristics tests of voltage (current) transformers and arc suppression coils;

It has complete over-voltage and over-current protection functions, in which the over-voltage and over-current protection value is automatically adjusted according to the setting of the test parameters, which is simple and can ensure the safety of the equipment under test.

Technical index:

Measuring range Impedance: 0~999.9Ω

Voltage: 0~600V

Current: 0~120A

Power: 0~72kW

Speed: 0~3600rpm

Frequency: 45~65Hz

Accuracy Voltage, current, speed, frequency: 0.2 level

Impedance: 0.5 level

Power: 0.5 class (cosφ> 0.5), 1.0 class (0.5 ≥ cosφ ≥ 0.2)

Environment temperature -10℃~50℃

Environmental humidity ≤85%RH

Working power supply AC220V±10%

Power frequency 50±1Hz

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