Generator Tester

Generator AC impedance tester

Generator AC impedance tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for generator rotor AC impedance test, and can also be used for power transformer single-phase short circuit and no-load characteristic test and voltage transformer and current transformer's volt-ampere characteristic test

Performance characteristics

(1) Split machine structure, with external voltage regulator, users can flexibly choose the voltage regulator according to their needs;

(2) It can quickly measure the rotor AC impedance and power loss values inside and outside the bore and at different speeds of the synchronous generator;

(3) It can also be used for the single-phase short-circuit and no-load characteristics of power transformers and the volt-ampere characteristics test of voltage transformers and current transformers;

(4) It can measure AC voltage, AC current, active power, frequency and other parameters simultaneously;

(5) During the test, it can automatically track the sampling, automatically process and store the test data in real time according to the preset test parameters;

(6) When conducting AC impedance test of generator rotor, there are two test methods: "one-way test" and "two-way test";

(7) During the impedance measurement process, the measurement process can be interrupted artificially, and the data before the artificial interruption of the test will be automatically saved;

(8) The instrument can store 200 data files. If only the AC impedance test data is stored, it can store up to 7,280 data and can be stored for more than 10 years;

(9) The voltage regulator has the output voltage "zero value" detection function to ensure that the voltage regulator can start boosting from zero;

Technical index

AC impedance

06500Ω 0.5%


0600V  0.2%


050A0120A 0.2%

Active power


Power supply

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

Power consumption


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