Distribution Network Equipment Tester

CI-2000I Capacitance Current Tester

Performance characteristics:

1. Support 3PT connection mode, two 4PT connection modes, 1PT connection mode on-site capacitance current measurement, and the capacitor bank neutral point different frequency signal injection method proposed for the inaccurate measurement of the field 4PT connection mode.

 2. Industrial-grade color LCD screen with a resolution of 320×240 dot matrix, which can be read under strong light.

3. Real-time measurement and display of the zero-sequence 3U0 voltage value, which is convenient for users to judge the working status of the system; and, if the zero-sequence 3U0 voltage is found to be too high in the measurement project, the measurement process can be automatically stopped.

4. With multiple zero sequence 3U0 overvoltage protection circuit, the output of the tester can withstand AC100V 50HZ voltage without damage.

5. Built-in full digital variable frequency inverter power supply, with the characteristics of accurate output frequency, adjustable output current, high output efficiency, small heat generation, small size, light weight, and stable working for a long time.

6. With output short-circuit protection function.

7. The measurement data storage method is divided into local storage and USB storage. The local storage can store 150 pieces of measurement data, and the local storage can be transferred to the USB; the storage data format of the USB is Word format, which can be edited directly on the computer print.

Technical index:

4.1 Capacitive current measurement

4.1.1 Measuring range: 0.3μF~200μF 1A~400A

4.1.2 Accuracy: ±(reading×5%+2 words)

4.1.3 Resolution: 0.3~9.999(0.001) 10~99.99(0.01) 100~999.9(0.1) ≥1000(1)

4.1.4 Voltage level: 0.1KV~99.9KV continuously adjustable

4.2 Zero sequence 3U0 voltage measurement

4.2.1 Measuring range: 1V~100V AC 50HZ

4.2.2 Accuracy: ±(reading×1%+10 words)

4.2.3 Resolution: 1~9.999 (0.001) 10~99.99 (0.01)

4.3 Use conditions and appearance

4.3.1 Power supply: AC100-240VAC 0.8A, 50/60Hz

4.3.4 Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃

4.3.5 Relative humidity: <90%, no condensation

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