Distribution Network Equipment Tester

XD631 Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

Performance characteristics:

l The high-strength aluminum alloy shell can effectively decompose external shocks and reliably protect the display screen of the host and the parts of the whole machine.

l Using the latest DSP signal processor and patented power amplifier, energy saving, environmental protection, stable performance; software using C# programming, safe and reliable, powerful, easy to upgrade.

l Multiple active and passive self-protection functions, voltage and current power amplification has multiple self-protection systems such as overload, overheating, short circuit, open circuit, and software control.

l Multi-level heat dissipation system keeps the host always calm.

   As one of the key technologies of the relay protection tester, heat dissipation technology directly affects the stability and accuracy of the whole system. The multi-level heat dissipation system is composed of multi-point temperature monitoring, independent heat air ducts and temperature-controlled fans, which generate power components. The heat is concentrated and evenly discharged to the outside of the chassis, thereby improving the stability of the system and protecting the internal electronic devices.

l Use a practical and convenient refined and optimized keyboard. The key system is made of light touch keys. The key spacing, keyboard layout and keystroke design, keyboard backlight all reflect the subtle and delicate design, which is more ergonomic and makes the operator easier to control. fast and convenient.

l The host panel is equipped with a variety of USB expansion interfaces, which can be connected to a portable computer at a high speed through the interface, which can be extended by more software functions.

l Adopt 10.4-inch TFT widescreen LCD screen, 1024×768 high resolution, stylish and practical, delicate display, the screen backlight brightness is automatically adjusted according to the environment, which is more humane and more comfortable.

l Dual CPU control, one CPU is responsible for calculating waveform data and generating waveforms, and the other CPU is responsible for man-machine dialogues such as the main control interface. The design is more reasonable, the processing speed is faster, the operation efficiency is higher, and it is easily competent for harmonic superposition and waveform playback. And other complex test requirements.

l Use dual 12-bit DAC as the digital-to-analog conversion link, which greatly improves the waveform quality.

l Equipped with a PC software package, with more powerful performance and more complete functions, it is more convenient for users to customize test items and report processing, allowing you to easily complete more difficult and complex relay protection test tasks.



Current output

communicate with

3×0~30A    1×0~90A(and)

Direct current


Voltage output

communicate with

4×0~125V    2×0~250V

Direct current


Switch input


Off output


Time measurement

Measuring range      0.1ms 9999s


Range single phase    AC 220V±10%50Hz

Ambient temperature

Allowable range    -10 - +50

volume and weight

volume:385×225×290mm3;weight:  ≤19kg



Within the rated range



AC phase current                                 ≤0.2%

AC high current terminal output         ≤0.2%

DC                                                        ≤0.2%


AC voltage                                           ≤0.2%

DC voltage                                           ≤0.5%



Frequency accuracy                        ≤0.001Hz

Phase accuracy                                    ≤0.5°

Harmonic distortion                             ≤0.5%

Time measurement accuracy             ≤0.1ms

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