SF6 And Oil Chemical Tester

HD381 insulating oil dielectric strength tester

HD381 oil pressure tester

Scope of application

Suitable for insulation dielectric strength test of transformer oil in power system

Performance characteristics

(1) Automatically complete operations such as boosting, holding, stirring, static release, calculation, printing, etc., and can perform oil cycle pressure test within the range of 0~80KV

(2) Automatically complete the pressure test of 1 cup of oil sample according to the setting. The breakdown voltage value and cycle times of 1 to 6 times will be automatically stored. After the test is completed, the breakdown voltage value and average value of each time can be printed out

(3) The single-chip microcomputer control is used to boost the voltage at a constant speed, and the voltage frequency is accurate to 50Hz, which makes the entire process easy to control and can display the current ambient temperature and humidity

(4) With protections such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and limit, to ensure the safety of operators

Technical index


The output voltage


Voltage distortion rate


Boost speed


Boost interval


Boost times


Booster capacity


Resting time


measurement accuracy



AC220V±10%  50Hz±1 Hz

proper temperature


Applicable humidity

Relative humidity <85% non-condensing


Note: There are also HD383 three-cup oil pressure tester and HD386 six-cup oil pressure tester for users to choose

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