Coil equipment Tester

HDRZ transformer winding deformation tester

Performance characteristics:

1. The test can be carried out without hanging the cover and disassembling the transformer;

l Use the most popular frequency sweep method for measurement (B and Z models);

2. This instrument can measure transformers above 6kV;

3. Using split structure, USB or network connection between the test host and the main control computer, plug and play;

4. The field wiring is simple and easy to use;

5. Wide measuring dynamic range: -100dB~20dB;

6. The analysis software is powerful, and the software and hardware indicators meet the national standard DL/T911-2004;

l Using windows platform, compatible with Window 2000/Window XP/Vista/Win7;

l Use Access database to save test data, which makes the management of test data simple and convenient;

l 6 curves can be loaded at the same time, the relevant parameters of each curve are automatically calculated, the deformation of the winding is automatically diagnosed, and the reference conclusion of the diagnosis is given;

l The software management function is powerful, fully considering the needs of on-site use, and automatically save the environmental condition parameters, so as to provide a basis for transformer winding deformation diagnosis. The measurement data is automatically saved and has a color printing function, which is convenient for users to write test reports.

l The software has obvious humanization characteristics, and the various conditions of measurement are mostly optional items, and there is no need to make a lot of input on the spot, which is more convenient for users;

l The software is highly intelligent. After the input and output signals are connected, all measurement tasks can be completed by pressing a key;

l The software interface is simple and intuitive;

Technical index




Test host and PC interface

USB, network, RS232 serial port

signal source

The instrument comes with a channel signal output as the sweep frequency excitation signal; the signal output is a standard sine wave, the signal output amplitude can be adjusted by software, the maximum amplitude is ±10V, and the signal output impedance is 50 Ω

Acquisition channel

2 (Acquisition of excitation signal/acquisition of response signal)

Excitation channel measurement range


Response channel range

Multiple gears/automatically adjust the range during measurement, the maximum input signal is ±25V

Maximum static error of acquisition channel


Maximum storage capacity per channel

64K samples

Maximum sampling rate per channel


Acquisition channel input impedance


Sweep frequency measurement range

10Hz-2MHz (expandable to 10MHz)

scanning method

Using linear or logarithmic distribution sweep frequency measurement method

Scanning frequency accuracy

The frequency accuracy of the output sine signal is not more than 0.01%

Sweep frequency measurement point

The number of test points can be set, the basic number of measurement points is not less than 2000 points

Voltage measurement range and accuracy

25-500V   0.1%

Current measurement range and accuracy

0.5-50A   0.1%

Frequency measurement range and accuracy

45-75Hz   0.1%

Active power measurement range and accuracy

0.2≥Cosφ≥0.5   0.5%

Active power measurement range and accuracy

0.5>Cosφ≥1.0   0.2%

Short-circuit impedance measurement range and accuracy

0-100%   0.1%


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