High Voltage Switch Tester

HDFMC-VSF6 density relay calibrator

Performance characteristics:

1. HDFMC-V type intelligent SF6 density relay calibrator adopts high-precision single-chip microcomputer as the core, high degree of automation, good repeatability and high reliability

2. The instrument can manually set the temperature, automatically collect temperature, pressure measurement and conversion of 20℃ pressure. And always display the temperature, the pressure at the ambient temperature, and the pressure value when converted to 20°C. Completely solve the problem of on-site verification of SF6 density relays.

3. All testing processes are automatic measurement, which avoids errors due to human factors.

4. The instrument can calibrate the normal temperature pressure gauge and density meter at any ambient temperature, and print the test results in a report format.

5. All instrument pipelines adopt quick connectors, which are convenient for connection and no gas is wasted during calibration.

6. The instrument has a self-calibration function. After the instrument is used for a long time, the instrument can be calibrated and corrected to ensure the calibration accuracy of the instrument

7. The instrument uses high-precision pressure sensors and the world's advanced magnetic fluid technology products.

8. The instrument is equipped with a variety of switch transition connectors, most switches can be verified without disassembly

9. Using high-capacity built-in battery, the screen always displays the battery power, which greatly facilitates the on-site calibration work.

10. The instrument has a live test (no need to cut off the secondary DC power supply when collecting signals), and it can be tested when the signal line has DC110V/220V.

Technical index:

            1 Measurement method: automatic measurement

            2 Working power: AC220V±10% 50Hz DC12V (built-in power supply)

            3 Measurement accuracy: 0.25 level

            4 Display mode: 5-inch true color LCD display

            5 Measuring range: 0~0.9Mpa

            6 Pressure display resolution: 0.001 Mpa

            7 Temperature range: -50℃~125℃, resolution 0.05℃

            8 Ambient temperature: -30~60℃ (the best use temperature is 5~50℃)

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