AC Power Test Device

HDSR-F series frequency conversion series resonance AC withstand voltage device

HDSR-F系列变频串联谐振交流耐压装置HDSR-F series frequency conversion series resonance AC withstand voltage device

Scope of application

It can conduct AC withstand voltage test on cables of different voltage levels, different cross-sections, and different lengths. It can also conduct AC withstand voltage test on electrical main equipment such as GIS, circuit breakers, transformers, motors, and generator stator windings. The configuration can be customized according to user requirements.

Performance characteristics

(1) The required power supply capacity is small (only 1/20~1/80 of the power supply capacity required during the test transformer test), and the voltage waveform is good

(2) Simple

①Automatic test: automatic tuning, automatic boost, automatic timing, automatic pressure reduction and display test results

②Auto tuning: this function can be activated in the main interface to automatically find the resonance frequency accurately

③Manual tuning: high stability, high precision, high resolution digital tuning, simple and convenient one-key operation

④Manual pressure adjustment: coarse adjustment, fine adjustment, fine adjustment, one-key digital adjustment, simple and convenient

⑤Large screen display: large-screen multi-function LCD display, real-time display of test parameters, and "parameter setting", "test results" and "data query" interfaces, the display content is clear and intuitive

⑥ Pointer voltage and ammeter, which directly reflect the working status of the frequency conversion control box

(3) Reliable

① Low-voltage over-current and over-voltage protection to ensure the safe operation of the control box;

②Software and hardware high-voltage overvoltage protection, hardware protection is set by dial code and independent of software protection to ensure the safety test of the tested product

③ Detuning protection, which effectively protects the safety of the equipment and the tested product, and can automatically cut off the high voltage in the event of sudden detuning

④The zero-position protection of voltage regulation ensures the safety of tuning and the zero-voltage boost of the high-voltage circuit, which effectively protects the safety of test personnel and equipment

⑤Discharge protection, effectively protecting the safety of test personnel, tested products and equipment

(4) Flexible configuration

● The reactor can be used in single or multiple series or in parallel to adapt to the AC withstand voltage test of different voltage levels, different cross-sections, different length cables and other GIS, circuit breakers and other tested products. The equipment configuration is flexible, and one machine has multiple functions.

● The equipment can be equipped with "load compensation capacitor". When the capacitance of the test product is small (such as the test cable is short), it is connected in parallel to both ends of the test product to achieve resonance boost and complete the test purpose.

Technical indicators: (take HDSR-F265/265 as an example)

Rated output voltage


Rated output voltage

Sine wave, waveform distortion rate <1.0%

Maximum tested product current





Maximum test capacity


Output frequency


Work system

Under full power output, continuous working time 60min

Quality factor


Input working power

Three-phase 380V±10%, 50Hz, <30A/phase

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

Relative humidity <85%, no condensation






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