Coil equipment Tester

HDBB-2000 transformer ratio tester

1. Performance characteristics

1. Wide test range: up to 10,000.

2. Fast test speed: three-phase test can be completed in just 10 seconds.

3. Z-shaped deformation test: In addition to single-phase and three-phase test functions, Z-shaped connection transformer test is available.

4. Intelligent blind test: It has the functions of blind test transformation ratio and group test.

5. Perfect protection: transformer high and low voltage reverse connection; short circuit and inter-turn short circuit protection functions.

6. Man-machine and interface: non-power-off clock and date display, data storage function, thermal printer.

2. Technical indicators

1. Measuring range: 0.9~10000

2. Resolution: 0.0001

3. Accuracy: 0.1%±2 characters (less than 500)

    0.2%±2 digits (500~3000)

            0.5%±2 words (above 3000)

4. Output voltage: 160V, 10V shift

5. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

6. Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃

7. Environmental humidity: ≤85%, no condensation

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