Secondary System Tester

HD2012 Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

Performance characteristics

Flexible combination of voltage and current output The output can reach 6-phase voltage and 6-phase current, which can be combined to achieve conventional 4-phase voltage, 3-phase current type, 6-phase voltage type, 6-phase current type, and 12-phase output mode, which can be compatible with traditional output modes. This kind of test method can also conveniently carry out the three-phase transformer differential test and the factory power quick cut and standby automatic switch test.

Operation mode The device is directly connected to a laptop or desktop computer for operation, which is convenient and fast, and has stable performance.

New high-fidelity linear power amplifier The output end has always insisted on using high-fidelity, high-reliability modular linear power amplifiers instead of switching power amplifiers, with excellent performance. It will not produce high- and intermediate-frequency interference to the test site, and it ensures that the waveform is smooth and accurate in the whole process from large current to small current.

The output part of the high-performance host adopts DSP control, with fast calculation speed, strong real-time digital signal processing ability, wide transmission frequency, and high-resolution D/A conversion control. The output waveform has high precision, low distortion and good linearity. Adopting a large number of advanced technology and precision components and materials, and carrying out a professional structural design, the device is small in size, light in weight, full-featured, easy to carry, and it can work after booting, and the flow test is very convenient.

The software has powerful functions. It can complete various large-scale and complex calibration tasks with a high degree of automation. It can easily test and scan various protection settings, perform fault playback, store test data in real time, display vector graphics, and print reports online. The 6-phase current can facilitate the three-phase differential protection test, and the 12-phase output can be used for the automatic switching test of the factory power supply.

It has an independent dedicated DC power output. There is a 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output.

Complete interface The device has an RS232 port, which can communicate with computers and other external devices.

完善的自我保护功能  散热结构设计合理,硬件保护措施可靠完善,具有电源软启动功能,软件对故障进行自诊断以及输出闭锁等功能。



Number of current channels

Standard 6 phase

Number of voltage channels

Standard 6 phase

AC current output range

30A /phase or 180A (six combined)

DC current output range


Current output range

120VAC / phase

AC current output

    6-phase current output, each phase output (effective value) 0~30A, output accuracy 0.2 grade

    Each phase output (effective value) when 3-phase current output is 0~60A

    6-phase parallel current output (effective value) 0~180A

    Long-term allowable working value of phase current (effective value) 10A

    Maximum output power of phase current 300VA

    Maximum output power at maximum output of 6-phase parallel current 1000VA

    6-phase parallel current maximum output allowed working time 10s

    Frequency range (fundamental wave) 20~1000Hz

    Harmonic frequency 1~20 times

DC current output

    Current output 0~±10A/each phase, 0~±60A/6 and output accuracy 0.5 grade

    Maximum output load voltage 20V

AC voltage output

    Phase voltage output (effective value) 0~120V Output accuracy 0.2 level

    Line voltage output (effective value) 0~240V

    Phase voltage / line voltage output power 80VA / 100VA

    Frequency range (fundamental wave) 20~1000Hz

    Harmonic frequency 1~20 times

DC voltage output

    Phase voltage output amplitude 0~±160V Output accuracy 0.5 grade

    Line voltage output amplitude 0~±320V

    Phase voltage / line voltage output power 70VA / 140VA


    10 switch inputs

    Idle contact 1~20mA, 24V

    Potential contact access "0": 0 ~ +6V; "1": +11 V ~ +250 V

    8 pairs of switch output DC: 220 V/0.2 A; AC: 220 V/0.5 A

Time measurement range

    0.1ms ~ 9999s, measurement accuracy <0.1mS

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