AC Power Test Device

HD800A Insulation Boot Cover Withstand Voltage Tester

HD800A Insulation Boot Cover Withstand Voltage Tester

Scope of application

Suitable for intelligent insulation withstand voltage test of safety tools such as insulated shoes and insulated gloves

Performance characteristics

(1) It can test 8 insulated boots or insulated gloves at the same time, and measure the leakage current of each sample;

(2) The test of insulated shoes adopts the dry test method of placing steel balls in the shoes;

(3) The measured voltage and measured current adopt high and low voltage corresponding to each other in real-time comparison to ensure the accuracy of the measured voltage and current values;

(4) High and low voltage separation, using wireless transmission technology to protect personal safety;

(5) Each test product has a breaking mechanism. When any one of them breaks down or exceeds the set leakage current value, the test product of this road will automatically leave the test without affecting other test products.

(6) A high-fineness stepping motor is used to control the boost of the voltage regulator, and the withstand voltage test is performed automatically;

(7) The insulated shoe test has a special metal grounding tray, and the insulated glove test has a special container for easy operation;

(8) The transformation ratio of the test transformer can be set freely, which can be matched with the customer's existing transformer;

(9) With overcurrent protection function.

Technical index

Control box output voltage


Voltage measurement error

±0.5% +1word

Control box output current


Leakage current resolution


Rated output voltage


Digital display timing

9 minutes free setting

Rated output capacity


Ambient temperature


Maximum range of leakage current indicator



Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Leakage current measurement error

±1% +1 word

Continuous running time

≤30min intermittent

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