DC Power Supply Test Device

HDY-20 zinc oxide lightning arrester live tester

Performance characteristics

1. Fully automatic instrument, one connection can measure three-phase data at the same time, or single-phase measurement separately;

2. With the function of harmonic analysis, it can accurately analyze the content of the fundamental wave and the 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonics;

3. Anti-interference function to ensure accurate and reliable data;

4. The 8.0-inch color touch LCD screen can display three-phase data and waveforms simultaneously;

5. AC-DC dual-purpose, built-in large-capacity lithium-ion battery, can work continuously for about 6 hours on a single charge;

6. Wired, wireless, and no PT three measurement methods, support 220V maintenance power supply to get signals;

7. Bluetooth communication, RS232 serial communication (choose one of the two, can be equipped with software programs, control the instrument through a tablet or mobile phone, test or upload data and save);

8. Wireless data transmission eliminates the cumbersome long-distance wiring of voltage measurement lines and reduces labor intensity;

9. Humanized menu design, friendly man-machine interface and easy operation;

10. Storage function, the instrument can save 200 sets of test data, and the saved data can be exported by U disk;

11. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for field operations.

Three, technical indicators

1. Measuring range: 0~10 mA

2. Measurement accuracy: Fundamental wave: 2%+2 words (wired method), 5%+5 words (wireless method)

Harmonic: 10%

3. Resolution: 0.001 mA

4. Voltage signal input: 57.74 V (up to 250V)

5. Maximum wireless transmission distance: 400 meters (line of sight)

6. Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃

7. Environmental humidity: <90%RH


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