Coil equipment Tester

HDBS-II Transformer Comprehensive Parameter Tester

HDBS-II Transformer Comprehensive Parameter Tester

Scope of application

Suitable for measuring the capacity of distribution power transformer, transformer no-load and short-circuit loss measurement

Performance characteristics

(1) The instrument has a built-in rechargeable battery that can output a three-phase sine wave inverter power supply. It can measure the capacity of the distribution transformer and determine the model without any external power supply. It also displays the impedance voltage of the transformer and converts it to the rated temperature and rated current. Load loss

(2) Display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, three-phase power, apply the distortion rate of the power waveform, automatically calculate the no-load current of the transformer converted to the rated voltage and the no-load loss of the waveform distortion correction, and display the configuration Type of electric transformer core;

(3) Display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, and three-phase power, automatically calculate the impedance voltage percentage of the transformer, convert it to the load loss at rated temperature and rated current, and automatically determine the coil model of the distribution transformer;

(4) It can be used to check the single-phase defect of the transformer or the situation where there is no three-phase power on site. The instrument can record the data of three single-phase measurements, and can calculate the no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage and load loss of the transformer according to the different connections of the transformer.

(5) It can be directly measured in the allowable measurement range of the instrument. If the measurement range is exceeded, an external voltage and current transformer can be connected. The instrument can set the ratio of the external voltage and current transformer to directly display the value of the applied voltage and current.

(6) Three-phase voltage, three-phase current, three-phase power, three-phase average voltage, average current, three-phase total power and related data can be displayed at the same time;

(7) The instrument is equipped with a 232 interface, which can communicate with a computer through a data line;

(8) Built-in memory, the instrument can store 20 groups of data.

Technical index

measurement accuracy

Voltage and current





0.5level(cosφ>0.1) 1.0level(0.02<cosφ≤0.1)

Measuring range


Voltage measurement range

AC  0500V

Current measuring range

AC  050A

Operating temperature


environment humidity

Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

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