Coil equipment Tester

HDYZ-I transformer on-load tap changer parameter tester

Scope of application

It is used to measure the transition waveform, transition time, transient resistance value of the on-load tap changer of the transformer, and the three-phase consistency.

Performance characteristics

High degree of intelligence;

The instrument is small in size, light in weight and strong in anti-interference ability;

Two test currents are optional, which is convenient for measuring transition resistance in different ranges.

Technical index

Output current

1.0A0.5ATwo gears optional

Resistance range

1.0A 0.5Ω~20Ω 0.5A 0.5Ω~40Ω

Resistance measurement accuracy

±0.1Ω within the range of 0.1-1Ω, above 1Ω (±5%R, 0.1Ω)

Transition time measurement range


Transition time measurement accuracy


Sampling frequency


Operating temperature


environment humidity

Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Power supply




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