DC Power Supply Test Device

HDY-20S zinc oxide surge arrester comprehensive tester

Performance characteristics:

1. The instrument is miniaturized, hand-held design, small in size, light in weight and easy to carry and operate.

2. The high-performance, low-power ARM processor with DSP floating point processing unit is adopted, which has faster calculation speed, higher calculation accuracy and larger processing data volume; thus, the accuracy and stability of test data calculation can be guaranteed.

3. High-precision sampling filter circuit and digital filter technology can filter out on-site interference signals.

4. The floating-point fast Fourier algorithm is adopted to realize high-precision analysis of fundamental wave, harmonic voltage and current signals.

5. The industrial-grade 5.6-inch 640×480 dot matrix high-brightness color LCD screen is adopted, with clear display and friendly man-machine interface; for some important operations and parameter settings, prompt information and help instructions are displayed; the status bar at the top of the screen can display each Peripheral working status and test status information.

6. It can measure the electrical parameters of the three-phase zinc oxide arrester at the same time, and can automatically compensate for the interphase interference; it can also be single-phase measurement, support the B-phase grounded PT secondary voltage as the reference voltage; when the measured phase is different from the reference voltage When different, the compensation angle can be automatically calculated.

7. Provide wired and wireless test methods. The operation of wireless test methods is more convenient and flexible; it can greatly reduce the work intensity of field testers.

8. The unique induction board replaces the PT secondary voltage measurement technology, making the measurement safer and faster.

9. Provide no PT test method, which can carry out emergency test in some extremely special situations.

10. The voltage collector integrates local display (128×64 dot matrix OLED LCD screen) and phase sequence detection function, which can display three-phase full voltage, voltage fundamental wave, 3rd, 5th, 7th harmonic effective value, system frequency Value and three-phase voltage phase difference; it is convenient for field testers to quickly check the connection between the voltage collector and the PT secondary voltage output terminal and the three-phase voltage parameters.

11. The voltage collector adopts dual all-digital isolation technology, which is safer and more reliable.

12. AC and DC dual purpose: built-in lithium battery power supply or 220V AC charger power supply adaptive.

Technical index:

3.1 Reference voltage measurement

3.1.1 Reference voltage input range: 25V~250V effective value, 50Hz/60Hz

3.1.2 Accuracy of reference voltage measurement: ±(reading×5%+0.5V)

3.1.3 Accuracy of voltage harmonic measurement: ±(reading×10%)

3.1.4 Reference voltage channel input resistance: ≥1500kΩ

3.2 Current measurement

3.2.1 Full current measurement range: 0~20mA effective value, 50Hz/60Hz

3.2.2 Accuracy: ±(reading×5%+5uA)

3.2.3 Resistive current fundamental wave measurement accuracy: ±(reading×5%+5uA)

3.2.4 Accuracy of current harmonic measurement: ±(reading×10%+10uA)

3.2.5 Current channel input resistance: ≤2Ω

3.3 Electric field intensity measurement

3.3.1 Electric field intensity input range: 30kV/m~300kV/m

3.3.2 Accuracy of electric field intensity measurement: ±(reading×10%)

3.3.3 Accuracy of electric field harmonic measurement: ±(reading×10%)

3.4 Operating conditions and appearance

3.4.1 Power supply: Built-in lithium battery or external charger, charger input 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

3.4.2 Charging time: about 4 hours

3.4.3 Battery working time: 8 hours for the host and 8 hours for the voltage collector

3.4.8 Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃

3.4.9 Relative humidity: <90%, no condensation

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