Partial Discharge General Tester

TWPD-2621-H digital partial discharge tester

TWPD-2621-H digital partial discharge tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for the detection, recording and analysis of partial discharge under various applications.

Performance characteristics

(1) Touch screen and keyboard and mouse compatibility mode;

(2) The partial discharge test files are stored according to the test classification, which is convenient for users to view, analyze and create reports in the future;

(3) Before the pressure is applied, if there is strong interference in the channel waveform, the interference window can be opened for spectrum analysis to check the main frequency range of the interference;

(4) When there is background noise in the on-site environment and the user wants to show a relatively clean discharge pulse, the background anti-interference can be turned on;

(5) Analyze the waveform of a single discharge pulse to determine the nature of the discharge; the waveform can be converted to spectrum to determine the spectrum-related information, thereby determining the nature of the jammer

Technical index

Measurement channel


Sampling Rate


Measuring range


Non-linear error of this range


Measuring range


Capacitance range of testable products


Gain adjustment


Frequency range


Test power frequency range


Power mode

AC 220V

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