Cable Tester

HDDL-150 cable identification instrument

Performance characteristics:

1. The transmitter is powered by a high-energy lithium battery and does not require on-site 220V power supply. It is easy to use, and has a small design, low power consumption, long power supply time, and LED four-level power indicator.

2. The receiving host adopts color LCD LCD display, accurate power prompt, synchronous display of signal direction, amplitude, and interval as the effective judgment basis, and retains multiple signals on the time axis, through continuous effective signals to more accurately determine to be identified cable.

3. The flexible measuring coil is used for cable identification, which solves the problem that the traditional receiving calipers cannot be inserted into the cable to be identified due to the congestion and overlapping of the cables in the cable field.

4. Equipped with transmitting calipers, the function of live identification is realized through caliper coupling, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

Technical index:

2.2.3 Launch host

Charging voltage: DC4.2V

Power consumption: ≤3W

Working hours: ≥8h

Signal interval: ≈2 seconds

Inner diameter of launching caliper: ≥125mm

Environment temperature: -35℃~+55℃

Environmental humidity: ≤95%RH

2.2.4 Receiving host

Charging voltage: DC4.2V

Power consumption: ≤1W

Recognition method: direction, amplitude, interval, triple judgment basis

Receiving sensitivity: power failure-ground loop resistance ≤ 500Ω

Charged--ground loop resistance ≤200Ω

Working hours: ≥12h

Environment temperature: -35℃~+55℃

Environmental humidity: ≤95%RH


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