Cable Tester

HD3000 cable fault tester

HD3000 cable fault tester

Scope of application

It is suitable for measuring the high and low resistance, short circuit, open circuit, disconnection and high resistance leakage of various power cables, high frequency coaxial cables, local telephone cables and two or more evenly laid buried wires of various cross-sections and different media. And high resistance flashover fault.

Performance characteristics

(1) With its own DC power supply, it is convenient for on-site test, field test and mine cable test;

(2) The current sampler adopts a new sampling method, with simple wiring, intuitive waveform, and complete isolation from high voltage.

Technical index

Test distance

The longest is not less than 30Km

The shortest test distance (blind zone)


Measurement error

Rough measurement error ±1%, fixed-point error ±0.2m

Way of working

Low-voltage pulse, DC high-voltage flash test and impact high-voltage flash test

Sampling rate


Send pulse width and amplitude

0.2μs100 ~ 120V2μs150 ~ 160V

Storage capacity

8Kbyte can be divided into two storage areas to store and display the two sampled waveforms for comparison and measurement

display resolution

V/50 meters, V is the propagation speed m/μS

Power and power consumption

AC 200V± 10% is not more than 10W, DC 6V (7AH) is not more than 6W


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