Power cable withstand voltage AC test car

Power cable withstand voltage AC test car


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220kV/10km cable withstand voltage test completed in one vehicle

The cable withstand voltage test vehicle is one of the special test vehicles newly launched by Suzhou Huadian. It is mainly used for the AC withstand voltage test of cables. It has the following main features:
·The operation room is completely separated from the equipment room to ensure the safety of test personnel.

·Adopting a new design concept, successfully solved the influence of heat, vibration and loss caused by eddy current on the test.

·The equipment does not need to be loaded or unloaded, as long as it is connected to the vehicle-mounted high-voltage mopping cable to be tested.

·It can meet the AC withstand voltage test of 35kV, cross-sectional area 300mm, 10km long cross-linked cable.(Test voltage: U=65kV; Test frequency: 30~300Hz; Pressure time: 60min/phase)
Super large test capacity, complete the AC withstand voltage test of super long cables in one vehicle

System parameters

Optional chassis


Vehicle quality


Vehicle size(mm)


Frequency Power


Rated output


Rated test capacity


Rated output frequency


Voltage test accuracy


Test voltage stability


Test voltage waveform

Sine wave


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