Special Test System For Container Test

Box-type special test system

110kV main transformer three-phase induction withstand voltage and local test complete set (container-mounted)

System composition: three-phase non-partial discharge frequency conversion power supply cabinet, three-phase non-partial discharge excitation transformer, no partial discharge compensation reactor, no corona AC voltage divider, complete container, complete set of accessories

The transformer induced voltage and applied withstand voltage operation room is specially modified from the container. In the operation room, the operation of variable frequency power control box, partial discharge measurement and other instruments can be carried out. The operating room is designed and modified with standard containers. The color of the box is sprayed according to user requirements.

     Taking into account the lighting needs of the operating room, there are special container windows on three sides of the box. The top 4 corners of the container are equipped with hoisting rings, and each box panel and door opening have locking devices; the whole is sealed by air pressure to achieve the functions of waterproof, rainproof and warmth. The operating room is equipped with a dedicated operating table and an instrument storage cabinet, and is equipped with a two-dimensional hydraulic shock-proof device to prevent the container from damaging the instrument during transportation.

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