The company won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award




On January 8, 2019, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference was grandly held in Beijing. Suzhou Huadian Electric Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Electric Power Company, China Electric Power Research Institute, National High Voltage Metering Station and other units cooperated in the project "National Power Frequency High Voltage Full Series Basic Standard Equipment Key Technology and Engineering Application" won the National Science and Technology Progress second prize.

   The national high-voltage basic standard device is the highest basis for the accuracy of the national high-voltage metering device. It is the fundamental guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the accuracy and fairness of power generation, power supply, and electricity use. At the same time, only when a country has a high-level high-voltage basic standard device and realizes mutual recognition with other countries in the world, can it have the right to speak in the field of high-voltage technology and in the import and export of power equipment.

Suzhou Huadian undertook the development of major key devices for this project. High voltage level, high precision level, multi-functional integration, automatic deployment, etc., are several major technical problems faced by the development of on-site calibration vehicles for high-voltage basic standard equipment. After three years of technical reserves and five years of research and development, Huadian has successfully developed a full range of mobile testing and calibration equipment of six voltage levels and different types including 1000kV UHV transformer field calibration vehicles. At the same time, he obtained a number of invention patents and prepared two industry standards. Made a significant contribution to the winning project. A special interview with Suzhou TV on Huadian Electric's second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

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